Empowering Resilience: Meet Our Certified Life Coach

Dr. Saurabh Patil

In personal and professional development, resilience stands as a beacon of strength and adaptability. Meet Dr. Saurabh Patil whose journey embodies the essence of resilience and reinvention. As an ICF-CCE (International Coaching Federation-Continuing Coach Education) Certified Life Coach for Men and Entrepreneurs and a seasoned entrepreneur himself, he has traversed a path marked by setbacks, failures, and triumphant comebacks. Drawing from his experiences of overcoming adversity, he guides others through their trials, empowering them to navigate challenges with fortitude and grace. With a background spanning from aspirations of becoming an Air Force pilot to thriving in the corporate world and entrepreneurship, he epitomizes the transformative power of perseverance and self-belief. Today, with an MBA from SIBM Pune and a Ph.D., he leverages over a decade of experience to mentor individuals in reclaiming their personal and professional destinies. 
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