What is a community support group?

It is a group of people who come together to share their personal experiences, feelings when they were or are facing challenging or stressful situations in their lives. 
The concept of forming support groups is that every participant feels heard and supported

Where does the group meet?

Currently, we are organizing online only meet ups. Upon completing registration form, you’ll receive link to attend meetings

How long does the meeting last?

The meeting lasts for about 45 mins

How often does the group meet?

The group plans to meet on the second Thursday of every month.

What is the group size?

It is 3 to 4 people

How would my confidentiality be protected?

Participants are encouraged to speak using their first names only. Any exchange of information outside of group is not supported by bookmytherapy.

Whom can I reach out to if something goes wrong with the meeting?

We encourage you to reach out to your facilitator and/or ‘contact us’

Is there a facilitator?


Is this paid or free?

These meetings are free for members